ET’s are Demons – Christian UFO Abduction Research

Here’s proof that ET’s are demons and that UFO abductions are demonically orchestrated: When abductees call for Jesus’ help during their UFO experience, their abduction immediately stops and the ET’s vanish. In this fascinating interview, UFO Researcher Joseph Jordan, who has analyzed over 600 UFO abduction cases since 1992 with MUFON and with his own CE4 Research Group, discusses how abductees opened the doorway to demonic ET experiences, and how he points them to repentance and Jesus to stop abduction patterns. Demons are masquerading as ET’s, as you’ll hear in this video.

Kenneth Copeland Cures Your Baldness and Ruins Your Faith

Oh my. Kenneth Copeland will “cure your baldness” and ruin your faith. This is a serious response to the sad, dangerous and demonstrably false teachings of Kenneth Copeland. Perhaps the most valuable thing I have to offer here is why people actually follow this guy. Here’s my hope to change as many of his followers as possible!

I’ve seen people asking for the full video of the blood thing (and FYI, he didn’t really cut himself, he was pretending) My website

Hoe herken je valse leraars en profeten?

Nederlands ondertiteld via Youtube
Valse profeten en valse leraren veroorzaken veel verwarring. In deze video gebruiken we 5 kenmerken om een goede beoordeling te kunnen maken

Veel mensen worden misleid door valse leraren en predikers omdat ze niet weten hoe ze valse profeten moeten identificeren. Veel mensen weten niet eens wat Jezus werkelijk onderwees en hoe ze Zijn leringen kunnen vergelijken met de valse leringen van deze religieuze charlatans.

In deze video geven we je 5 kenmerken die je kunt gebruiken om ELKE religieuze leider te evalueren. En namaak te ontmakseren. Ook toepasbaar op jezelf!

Refuting the Rabbinic fable about Jesus in the Talmud

In the Rabbinic Talmud exists a false fable, claiming Jesus was a satanic sorcerer.
Eitan Bar & Moti Vaknin not only refute the fable, but also show how the Talmud shoot itself in the foot!!

This video is part of the book: