Video rocks the rabbinic establishment and shocks Israel

Can you imagine being told you can’t study Torah or come close to God, just because you’re a woman? In our series of answering Rabbinic objections we released a video that shook Israel to it’s core and even prompted one religious lawmaker to resign from the Knesset! Anastasia shares the story of our newest Hebrew apologetics series and how these videos have stirred up debate and controversy in Israel and opened the eyes of thousands of Israelis to the Gospel. Join in for this exciting episode of Pod for Israel as we look at how our media outreach is making a impact in Israeli culture for the Gospel and how to pray for our team.

The Talmud (rabbinic tradition) vs. The New Testament

Een heel duidelijke video van One for Israel

Which is the continuation of the Hebrew Scriptures: The Talmud (rabbinic tradition) or The New Testament?

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