Pope Francis, Humanism, The One World Religion, And The New World Order

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Brother Chad shares some more recent development that shows Pope Francis is continuing His push toward a One World Religion, New World Order, and eventually a One World Currency..

The stage is set for the antichrist and the false prophet to come onto the world stage after the rapture of the church.

Jesus is coming soon!! Repent, believe the Gospel, and be converted today!!

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Maar wij moeten van het gas af, electrisch “emissievrij” gaan rijden, aan de warmtepomp, houtstook is taboe, bbq mag niet meer….

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Precursors To The Daniel 9:27 Convenant Happening Now

The first part of Donald Trump’s “Deal Of The Century” Peace Plan is expected to be rolled out June 25-26 in Bahrain. The Palestinians are already saying they are not going. Let’s face it the way it’s looking Donald Trumps “Deal Of The The Century” Peace Plan is going to be rejected. They are already calling for to be dead on arrival. However Let’s investigate the significance of this Peace Plan. Although it most likely will be rejected it seems very possible that this could be the forerunner to the actual Daniel 9:27 convenant that starts the seven-year tribulation period. If we know the rapture of the church occurs before the tribulation period starts and we already are seeing the possible forerunner to the Daniel 927 covenant… that just shows us how close we are and that Jesus Christ could come for his church at any moment. Prepare ye the way! Repent! Jesus Is Coming Soon! Today Is The Day Of Salvation!

The Post Ramadan “Deal Of The Century” Peace Plan And It’s Prophetic Implications

Source :Watchman On The Wall 88
There are many different rumors, speculations, and opinions on what will the ” Deal Of The Century” Peace plan that Donald Trump and the US Administration will reveal after Ramadan ( Early June) of this year ( 2019 ). What will it contain.? Some are saying it is the Daniel 9:27 Covenant that will start the 7 year tribulation period…( I don’t believe this. I Share my opinions in the video ) Some are saying it will be rejected ( Thats my opinion ) And others are saying other things…. Lets investigate this… What we know for sure is the Rapture of the Church can occur at ANYTIME…nothing is holding the rapture back. The Rapture will occur before the man of sin is revealed and before the Antichrist confirms the covenant with many to start the 7 year tribulation period.. Keep watching with me…Jesus Is Coming!!!

Pope Francis And The Push For The One World Religion

We have seen a major uptick from Pope Francis recently pushing for a One World Religion… This One World Religion is going to be one of the big deceptions the Antichrist and the False Prophet will be running during the tribulation period… Make no mistake about it..we are currently seeing the precursors to the New World Order and the One World Religion in our face right now!!! If you don’t have Jesus Christ in your life…now is the time to make the best decision of your eternity!!! Links to articles used in the video: https://prophecyinthenews.com/world_n… https://www.jpost.com/Middle-East/Pop…